Miami Beach Soundscape, Florida

Miami Beach Sounsdscape is designed to reflect the spirit and vitality of Miami Beach; it is a unified expression of passive recreation, pleasure and culture. The park is a space that supports a multitude of day and night uses, either under the shade of the trees or a starlit sky. Combined with New World Center's expansive 7,000 square-foot projection wall, the park established itself as a world-class destination, marrying music, design and landscape.

Built on the site of a former parking lot, Miami Beach Soundscape's design modified the existing topography to create an unfolding, undulating sequence of spaces. Beyond the functional role of providing adequate drainage, the topography, combined with the circulation and planting, contributes significantly to the character of the space and is intended to create the feeling of a space larger than its actual size. Subtle undulation maximizes the sense of anticipation as one walks through the site, capturing views of the New World Center, ultimately arriving at the Mary and Howard Frank Plaza, and creates spaces for both intimate and large gatherings.

Coastal Systems provided site/civil engineering services as part of the multi-disciplined design team led by the Dutch architectural firm, West 8. Coastal Systems completed the stormwater management design for the site, and processed the Class II permit through the Miami-Dade County Department of Environmental Resource Management. In addition, water and sanitary sewer services were designed for the site. The site/civil design was coordinated with the adjacent right-of-way design for Lincoln Lane, 17th Street, and Washington Avenue.

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