Little Haiti Cultural Center, Florida

Coastal Systems International provided streetscape design to convert NE 59th Terrace from a two-way road to a one-way road with street parking on both sides. Improvements included accesses to businesses and parking lots, grading of the street to provide proper drainage and new striping and signage for the design. The improvements were from NE 2nd Avenue to 115 feet beyond NE 3rd Avenue (approximately 800 lf). The design of NE 59th Terrace is part of the Little Haiti Cultural Center project funded by the City of Miami and designed by Zyscovich. Coastal Systems also provided water and sewer design for the Little Haiti Cultural Club, Theatre and Parking Lots. The design consist of 800 lf of 12" D.I.P. water mains which includes, two fire line services, two domestic water service connections, and three irrigation water services for the parking lots. All services were designed with backflow preventers. Additionally, new sanitary sewer connections were designed to replace older lines.

Coastal Systems designed drainage systems to manage on-site stormwater runoff. The site drainage design consists of over 700 lf which includes an exfiltration trench system connected by 27 drainage structures. The street drainage design consists of 525 lf of exfiltration trench connecting 10 drainage structures. Additionally, the stormwater runoff was managed by the design of a complex Retention/Detention System using (6) 48" diameter HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes, 70 feet in length each discharging into the ground. This drain field is being used as an individual component to drain the site/roof area of over 1 acre, on land with poor soil percolation.

Coastal Systems processed the water/sewer system permits through Miami-Dade WASD, and the stormwater plans through Miami-Dade DERM.

Creating Environments

We constructed a complete offshore mooring system for Royal Caribbean in Labadee, Haiti.