Coastal Structures

The professional engineering staff at Coastal Systems International, Inc. employ the latest in numerical modeling technology to properly assess and design coastal structures including: seawalls, groins, breakwaters, and jetties. The coastal engineering team has designed and/or analyzed numerous projects in Florida and the Caribbean. We specialize in the unique coastal/environmental conditions encountered in the Caribbean and have demonstrated project experience in the design of rubble-mound structures with zero-damage tolerance using special armor units such as the Acropods.

We routinely conduct feasibility, coastal engineering and environmental studies in support of the coastal design effort. In-house personnel can provide all of the field investigation services to supplement the design including hydrographic surveys, oceanographic data collection, geotechnical investigations, and mapping. Existing structures are also evaluated for damage assessment with rehabilitation schemes developed to restore shore protection. Emergency coastal structure assessment services after hurricanes and other coastal storms have been provided to respond to clients’ needs.

Hillsboro/Deerfield Beach, Florida

Coastal Systems provided coastal engineering, permitting, and environmental services for the design and construction of the Hillsboro Beach/Deerfield Beach Nourishment Project.