Inlet Management

The team of professional engineers at Coastal Systems International, Inc. combines advanced numerical modeling with extensive practical experience to produce and implement efficient and environmentally sound Inlet Management Plans. Our designs achieve an effective 100 percent sand bypassing with minimum impact to adjacent beaches while maintaining safe navigational channels, thereby reducing the need for further expensive beach renourishment along the adjacent shorelines.

  • Engineering Design of Channels and
  • Stabilization Structures
  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Permitting
  • Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveying
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Natural Resource Mapping
  • Biological Resource Surveys and Underwater
  • Video Mapping
  • Physical and Numerical Modeling
  • Shoreline Change and Inlet Processes Evaluations
  • Sediment Budget Evaluations
Port Everglades Inlet, Florida

Coastal Systems evaluated three conceptual alternatives for sand bypassing across Port Everglades Inlet to nourish the beach at John U. Lloyd State Park.