Camana Bay, Cayman Islands

Coastal System International Inc., has been involved with the Camana Bay Project since itsí inception in 1997. At that time, in conjunctions with Dial Cordy and Associates, Inc., Coastal Systems contributed to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The property had 238 acres of area and the development components included dredging, land reclamation, waterway and marina design.

Coastal Systems conducted an analysis of the physical and hydrodynamic conditions, tidal flushing characteristics, waterway and marina design, and potential hurricane impacts. Numerical modeling of the tidal hydrodynamics of the canals was conducted utilizing the MIKE 21 software. The current size of the property increased to 500 acres and the initial masterplan was re-designed.

The development consists of a Town Centre and various residential areas, following the principles of New Urbanism or Traditional Neighborhood Design. A systems of navigable channels is distributed along the development.

Coastal Systems was part of the design charrette during April 2008 at the Project site and provided guidance through on-site numerical modeling to the arquitectural teams regarding the water circulation within the channels while the new masterplan was being developed.

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Creating Environments

We constructed a complete offshore mooring system for Royal Caribbean in Labadee, Haiti.