Numerical Modeling

Coastal Systems International, Inc. utilizes a wide variety of numerical modeling applications to assess physical processes and environmental impacts relative to proposed improvements to beaches, marinas, ports, and marine structures. These models allow the simulation of wind, waves, hurricanes, water quality, tides and currents to aid in the development of coastal and marine related projects. The results of numerical models are an essential tool in developing a complete understanding of the coastal process at a specific project site.

Coastal Systems is one of only a few firms in the United States licensed to utilize the Danish Hydraulic Institutes (DHI) MIKE21 modeling package. This advanced software employs state-of-the-art computer simulation techniques to model hurricanes and associated storm surge and waves, hydrodynamic processes, water quality, sediment transport processes and morphological changes.

The Coastal Systems modeling team recently completed several unique projects including a regional hurricane model of the Caribbean, long period wave oscillation study within a marina, analysis of bridge scour due to extreme storm surge flow, water quality modeling, and erosional hot-spot management study evaluating the design of detached breakwaters to minimize erosive forces at the project site.

  • Hydrodynamic Models: MIKE21 HD, WASP5 & DYNHYD5
  • Morphological Change, Sediment Transport and Shoreline Evolution Models: LITPACK, MIKE 21/3 Coupled Model & SBEACH
  • Wave Propagation Models: MIKE21 PMS, MIKE21 SW, MIKE21 BW
  • Water Quality Models: MIKE21 AD
  • Hydraulic Models: HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS & SWMM
Emerald Bay, Bahamas

Coastal Systems International, Inc. conducted a detailed analysis on the long period wave oscillations within the Emerald Bay Marina. The Emerald Bay Marina is located in the island of Great Exuma, Bahamas and is a 45-acre deepwater facility that is equipped to accommodate vessels up to 200 feet.