Miami-Dade Shoreline Numerical
Modeling, Florida

Coastal Systems conducted numerical modeling of the Miami-Dade County shoreline extending from Bakers Haulover Inlet south to Government Cut over approximately 12 miles of shoreline. The sediment transport numerical modeling package, LITPACK, developed by the DHI Water & Environment (DHI) was utilized to simulate the shoreline evolution and to assess various beach stabilization alternatives.

Miami-Dade Shoreline Numerical ModelingNearshore wave climates were evaluated through a wave propagation study using the Nearshore Spectral Wave module of MIKE21 and statistical analysis. Utilizing the wave data, the LITDRIFT module calculated the longshore volumetric transport along the project area. Based upon the LITDRIFT results, the one-dimensional morphological evolution module LITLINE was used to simulate the coastal response to gradients in the longshore sediment transport and determine shoreline changes along the project area. Several areas of interest and beach nourishment alternatives were evaluated using the calibrated shoreline model.

A coastal engineering report was prepared to document the numerical modeling and calibration efforts, and to provide coastal engineering recommendations for shoreline stabilization in the main erosion areas along the shoreline. The report provided the County with beach management guidance to evaluate interim beach nourishment projects in conjunction with the larger Federal Shore Protection Project.

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