Value Engineering

The engineering team at Coastal Systems International, Inc. has worked with contractors and other clients to review designs and provide "value engineering" services to bring projects at or below budgets. Coastal Systems has also worked with contractors to provide a range of field investigation and engineering services in support of construction operations. The team at Coastal Systems has a wealth of experience in construction, especially in coastal/marine construction throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, and can provide the following services:

Consulting Services:

  • Permit Compliance
  • Engineering Plans & Specifications for Alternatives
  • Monitoring & Construction Administration
  • Meetings

Project Design Review:

  • Evaluate Alternatives
  • Site Investigation Services (Hydrographic/ Topographic Surveying, Marine Environmental, Underwater Video Mapping, Marine Geotechnical)
  • Engineering Services (Civil/Coastal/Structural)
  • Coastal Design Parameter Review (Waves, Storm Surges, etc.)
  • Material Availability & Logistics


  • Optimal Weather Conditions for Minimal Delays
  • Prediction of Construction "Down Time"
  • Resource Allocation Review Using Primavera P3
Creating Environments

We constructed a complete offshore mooring system for Royal Caribbean in Labadee, Haiti.