Coastal Management

Coastal habitats are valuable resources, whether a sandy beach and dune system or vegetated shoreline. Many coastal habitats around the world have been degraded through dredging, development, hydrology changes, and other processes, disturbing the delicate balance of the coastal habitat enhancement or system.

Vegetated sand dunes provide habitat for flora and fauna, as well as anchor the beach’s defenses to protect the uplands from coastal storms and other hazardous events. Dune restoration through removal of invasive exotic vegetation, re-grading, and/or planting of native salt-tolerant vegetation increases environmental, aesthetic, recreational, and economic values in the project area.

Coastal wetlands and mangrove communities also provide habitat for abundant native resources, erosion protection, and water quality benefits (Also see “Wetlands Management”).

When evaluating a coastal site for habitat enhancement restoration purposes, Coastal Systems International, Inc. will collect and review site photographs, surveys, and other data regarding historic and existing conditions of the coastal habitat. Innovative topographic and resource surveying techniques employed by our staff give detailed, top-quality data at competitive prices. Our coastal biologists, planners, and engineers specialize in analysis of site-specific parameters in order to plan a successful restoration project that balances developmental and environmental needs.

Creating Environments

We constructed a complete offshore mooring system for Royal Caribbean in Labadee, Haiti.