Carillon Hotel, Florida

Coastal Systems International worked closely with the project owners and design team to insure that the landmark Carillon Hotel project provides redevelopment in synergy with the historic site architecture, oceanfront location, and expectations of ongoing North Miami Beach neighborhood revitalization. The project includes a new 36-story condominium and 20-story hotel complex with accessory buildings, pools, and other water features. Remodeling of the existing 16-story hotel building was approved. The DEP Coastal Construction Permitting was completed successfully under very tight time constraints. Several technical issues were addressed as part of the DEP Coastal Construction Permitting process:

  • Siting/Design of Major Structures - Coastal Systems completed a coastal engineering analysis relative to the existing seawall onsite to confirm that the proposed major structures are sited landward of the 30-year erosion projection.
  • Hotel Improvements - Coastal Systems negotiated approval for structural reinforcement to the existing historic hotel structure as a non-substantial improvement, and confirmed that the existing hotel structure should withstand a certain level of impact from storm events.
  • Dune Restoration - Coastal Systems negotiated DEP approval for a dune restoration project, including grading, removal of invasive exotic vegetation, and planting of native salt-tolerant vegetation east of the seawall onsite.
  • Public Access - Coastal Systems obtained DEP approval for public access to the beach via a paver pathway along the north property boundary.
  • Oceanfront Boardwalk - Coastal Systems obtained conceptual approval from DEP for the construction of an oceanfront boardwalk running the length of the property.
Creating Environments

We constructed a complete offshore mooring system for Royal Caribbean in Labadee, Haiti.