South Beach Marriott Hotel, Florida

The nine-story Marriott hotel and understructure garage project included the remodeling of an existing historical two-story hotel in the South Beach district of Miami Beach. In addition to the new structure and remodeling of the existing hotel, the property included a single story retail building, swimming pool, spa, a walking trail, dune restoration and dune crossover/beach access structure.

Coastal Systems International, Inc. obtained the coastal construction and marine turtle lighting permits for the project. We worked with the Department of Environmental Protection, providing analysis and other back-up, in order to ensure that the shear wall percentage and impervious area necessary for the proposed design were approved. In addition, a 100-year Storm Impact Analysis was performed to evaluate storm recession and storm wave impacts associated with the return period. For the beach/dune system, we designed a cross over and analyzed the potential impacts of the proposed construction.

Several years after the hotel was completed, a pool renovation project was undertaken to refresh this recreational use area. A DEP coastal construction permit was obtained for the renovations. In addition, due to necessary changes proposed within the renovation area, exterior lighting was processed through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as part of the DEP coastal construction permit in order to protect nesting and hatchling turtles and their habitat.

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Creating Environments

We constructed a complete offshore mooring system for Royal Caribbean in Labadee, Haiti.