Bal Harbour Jogging Path, Florida

Coastal Systems International Inc. was responsible for designing, permitting, bidding and construction management of the Bal Harbour jogging path relocation and dune restoration project. The project encompassed the demolition of the existing eroded jogging path, and the removal of non-native invasive vegetation from the beach dune system.

Coastal Systems worked with Bradshaw Gill and Associates to design the jogging path and dune restoration to prevent further erosion. The design included placing the new jogging path landward of the old jogging path in erosional areas as well as buffering these areas with the placement of native beach dune vegetation, which will assist in the stabilization of the dune system. In addition, native salt-tolerant vegetation was used to soften the harsh edges of the emergency accessway, located immediately seaward of the seawall, by providing soft, curving formations against the wall and along the landward edge of the dune.

Coastal Systems negotiated with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Division of State Lands to obtain an easement for that portion of the new jogging path and restored dune lying east of the Erosion Control Line, which are State owned lands. Coastal Systems also secured the DEP Coastal Construction Control Line permit and the DEP Marine Turtle Lighting acceptance.

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