Epic Waterfront, Florida

The Epic residences and hotel will consist of 966 condominiums and 403 condo-hotel units on the historic Dupont Plaza hotel site in Downtown Miami. Coastal Systems designed the waterfront to incorporate the new riverwalk along the Miami River. Coastal Systems designed and permitted a steel sheet pile replacement seawall, approximately 900 feet long, to account for wave forces, storm surge, raised site grades, and connection to a new timber dock facility. The project encompasses timber marine structures for a 19-slip marginal docking facility. The sheet pile bulkhead was completed in 2005 for which Coastal Systems prepared the construction plans and specifications.

Coastal Systems also provided coastal engineering analyses to determine design waves and water levels as well as wave forces on structures for a FEMA conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR). This specific site map revision within a special flood hazard area will modify the flood zone from a VE zone to an AE zone, which will significantly reduce insurance costs. This zone change also allows below grade construction for certain types of structures. A Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) is required to formalize the flood zone changes conditionally approved by the CLOMR.

Environmental permits were processed for the docking facility from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Florida DEP and Miami-Dade DERM.

Creating Environments

We constructed a complete offshore mooring system for Royal Caribbean in Labadee, Haiti.