Village of Indian Creek, Florida

Coastal Systems completed an engineering evaluation as a subconsultant to CDM of the existing 207-foot long bulkhead along the Indian Creek Waterway at Indian Creek Government Center. The investigation was conducted by engineer-divers to determine the configuration and condition of the existing bulkhead to provide engineering recommendations for repairs and/or replacement.

The bulkhead was constructed of two main components including the original precast concrete panels with concrete-encased steel king piles along with a cast-in-place concrete cap. As part of repair work completed in 2006, the bulkhead has supplementary concrete batter piles installed immediately waterward of the original king piles to replace the deteriorated tie-back system of the previous bulkhead. The concrete bulkhead cap was expanded to incorporate the original bulkhead structure.

Based on the observed conditions, Coastal Systems recommended replacement of the bulkhead. The bulkhead had been repaired previously, and the original bulkhead components had been in service for over 40 years. Coastal Systems outlined several bulkhead replacement options with materials such as sheet piling with the following material options 1) steel; 2) aluminum; 3) FRP, and 4) vinyl. Cost estimates were prepared for each option, and an environmental regulatory permit feasibility was reviewed for the bulkhead replacement. This review included a discussion of the environmental permitting constraints with each of the three agencies with jurisdiction on the project as well as time frames for permit processing. An engineering report was compiled with the assessment, sketches, cost estimates, and permitting schedules.

Creating Environments

We constructed a complete offshore mooring system for Royal Caribbean in Labadee, Haiti.