Munyon Island Docking Facility, Florida

Coastal Systems International Inc. planned and designed the redevelopment of the Bluepoint Fisheries waterfront industrial area in Port Canaveral, Florida. The redevelopment consists of a new marina facility along approximately 1,200 feet of waterfront with a combination of wet and dry slips. The dry storage building will provide a total capacity of 680 dry slips, and boat lifts will provide twenty two additional wet slips. Additional facilities will include a fuel dock, marina offices/store, restaurant and service areas.

Coastal Systems provided the following professional services for the project:

  • Feasibility Study;
  • Hydrographic and Marine Resource Surveying;
  • Environmental Resource Permitting - Corps of Engineers and Florida DEP;
  • Coastal Engineering Analysis for Waves and Currents from Cruise Ships;
  • Design of Docks and Waterfront Improvements; including Forklift Launching Pads;
  • Site/Civil Design including Paving, Grading and Stormwater Management,
  • Water and Sanitary Sewer Design.

Coastal Systems also provided marine environmental consulting services to establish the Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) position for the facility that was required by the environmental permits. The eradication of exotic species were monitored on the Project site and monitoring reports were prepared. After the project is completed, monitoring reports will be completed in accordance with the wetland mitigation and monitoring plan for the facility, and the reports will be submitted to the DEP.

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Creating Environments

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