Whether designing a mooring system for the world's largest cruise ship or a managed mooring facility for recreational vessels, the Coastal Systems team can provide an innovative approach to mooring design. The combination of coastal and marine structural engineers along with biologists and regulatory permitting project managers can provide a comprehensive approach to the planning, design and permitting of these facilities.

Mooring projects are site specific, and the design begins with the definition of the design criteria. The team uses state-of-the-art numerical simulation software to analyze coastal hydrodynamics, waves/winds, and water levels. The coastal process information is combined with hydrographic and marine resource surveys along with vessel characteristics to determine the optimum design configuration. Coastal Systems has extensive experience with all types of anchoring systems ranging from deadweight systems to helical anchors and traditional piling. The team can provide the full range of services required from initial feasibility studies and engineering designs through the supervision of construction.

Labadee, Haiti

Coastal Systems developed design plans and specifications for the dual mooring buoy system and coordinated the procurement of materials.