Nassau Port Relocation, Bahamas

The Nassau Downtown Waterfront Development Master Plan prepared by the land-planning firm of EDAW is dependent on the relocation of the commercial port. Coastal Systems completed a comprehensive review of existing port facilities in Nassau to evaluate current port cargo requirements and to estimate projected cargo volume for the near future. A site alternative analysis was completed to establish a matrix of criteria that included coastal engineering, environmental (marine and terrestrial), economic, transportation, land acquisition, social and operational issues. Six (6) sites were evaluated, and the power plant located at the Southwest side of the island was selected as the optimum location.

Extensive field investigations were conducted including topographic/hydrographic and marine resource surveys. Coastal process numerical modeling of waves and currents was also completed. A conceptual plan of the port was developed, and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was prepared and processed through the BEST Commission.

Coastal Systems also participated with EDAW on the Downtown Waterfront Redevelopment planning process and attended several port relocation stakeholder meetings.

Creating Environments

We constructed a complete offshore mooring system for Royal Caribbean in Labadee, Haiti.