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Museum Park, Florida

useum Park is planned by the City of Miami as a
waterfront revitalization of the 40-acre park in
the heart of downtown on Biscayne Bay. Coastal
Systems was part of the multi-disciplined consultant team led by Cooper Robertson and Partners to design
approximately 24 acres of Park space. The $45M Park would incorporate a waterfront promenade and Baywalk along with fountain, terrace, and plaza elements. The Park is being developed in phases. The large vessel mooring facility, designed and permitted by Coastal Systems within the existing basin adjacent to the American Airlines Arena, is complete. The moorings accommodate a variety of vessels, including ships up to 350 feet long. One of the design vessels for the facility is the USCG Eagle,
which is a 295-foot long tall ship. The mooring facility consists of 16 dolphin structures that provide approximately 750 linear feet of berthing along the existing bulkhead.

The City divided the park into further phases relative to the available grant funding and project budget constraints. The phases were outlined to implement portions of the park incorporated into the master plan, and then provide open green space for future park improvements. The Phases were outlined as 1)Utility services for the museums and park along with the entrance at 11th Street; 2)
Baywalk and park green space, and 3)Promenade – adjacent to the proposed art and science museums.

Coastal Systems was retained by the City to be the prime consultant for the phased-approach to the park approach, and Coastal Systems managed sub-consultants
EE & G for environmental remediation, Savino Miller for
Landscape Architecture, and Basulto Associates for lighting.
Coastal Systems compiled the construction documents and
assisted the City in the bid process, and construction
administration services were provided that included on-site
Resident Project Representative (RPR) services.

Coastal Systems provided civil engineering and environmental permitting services for the park based on the approved master plan and park program. The stormwater management system consists of a combination of exfiltration trenches, retention area within the park, deep injection drainage wells and outfalls to the bay. The engineering design required close coordination with the
design team of planners, architects and landscape architects to meet the design objectives and program for the park. The stormwater system was designed to meet the stringent guidelines for treating stormwater runoff on-site for this waterfront park that is adjacent to the environmentally sensitive Biscayne Bay.

An Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) was processed through the Miami-Dade County Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM) for the stormwater management system. Coastal Systems also prepared and processed the NPDES and FDOT Permits for the project. Potable water and sanitary sewer utility services were also designed for the Park. Service connections were coordinated with Miami-Dade County WASD which included the preparation of documents for the service agreement with the City. Easements for the new water lines, including fire hydrants, were established and designed.

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