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Streetscape Improvements
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Streetscape Improvements
Streetscape Improvements

The design of streetscape is an integral part of urban revitalization. Streetscape improvements combine roadways with sidewalks, signage, lighting, landscaping and other elements in the public right-of-way to create public space for pedestrians, residents, and traffic.  Coastal Systems has completed over 15 streetscape improvement projects in Florida, including several projects in the popular tourist destination of Miami Beach. The designs have included traffic geometry, parking configurations and driveway entrances. A variety of finishes including specialty pavers and colored/patterned sidewalks have been designed to match the architectural styles of South Beach. Underground utilities and stormwater management designs are completed as part of the streetscape projects. These projects have been completed for public sector clients and for private clients as part of neighborhood improvements for new developments. Coastal Systems has specialized experience with waterfront street ends that provide streetscape design improvements for the neighborhood and also provide public waterfront access with benches,  landscaping, and other features.

Little Haiti Cultural Center, Florida
Capri South Beach, Florida