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Coastal Processes

Understanding coastal processes is critical for the planning and design of coastal projects such as beaches, shorelines, inlets, marinas, ports and coastal development. Coastal Systems is an industry pioneer in the utilization of a regional approach to beach and inlet management planning. This approach has proven effective in identifying hot spots and cold spots within a littoral region, and enables coastal engineering design to focus on a system-wide management of sand resources.

Our experience includes the development of a regional sediment budget encompassing thirty-five miles of shoreline, two Florida counties, four inlets, one taxing district, and ten local municipalities. We have also guided domestic and international clients in the design, permitting, and implementation of long range beach management plans, targeted beach restoration plans (including nourishment), coastal structures, and living shorelines such as dunes.

DEP 4 Parks, Florida
Miami Dade Regional Sediment
Martin County
Estero Santa Barbara Development, Mexico
Sunny Isles Shoreline Stabilization Study
Petite St. Vincent, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Tenemos Golf Resort, Anguilla