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Pease Bay, Cayman Island

Coastal Systems International, Inc. provided coastal
engineering services to locate and design a channel that would provide ocean access for boats through the shallow nearshore to the offshore reefs in Pease Bay. Pease Bay is a shallow lagoon separated from the adjacent lagoons and the ocean by a fringing coral reef.

Coastal Systems conducted field investigations including
hydrographic surveys. Local wind and wave records, tide and current patterns, historical storm data, and flushing
characteristics of the project area were analyzed to determine the optimal configuration of the channel navigation but also to minimize impacts to the adjacent reefs and seagrasses. Cost alternatives were developed for the excavation of the channel as well as designs for an adjacent recreational beach and pier. Along the 535-foot shoreline, concepts were developed for a recreational beach with a protected lagoon.

Several configurations were evaluated, including excavated lagoons protected with rubblemound coastal structures. The recreational pier was integrated with the designs, with one configuration utilizing a portion of the proposed breakwater for access. Conceptual plans were developed along with engineering cost estimates to further evaluate the feasibility of
the shoreline improvements. The coastal engineering study was compiled into an Environmental Impact Assessment comprehensive report that was processed through the Department of the Environment.

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