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Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent &
The Grenadines

Coastal Systems conducted a site visit and a beach assessment for the Petit St. Vincent Resort located on the island of Petit St. Vincent in the Country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Petit St. Vincent Resort is privately owned consisting of 113 acres with 2 miles of white sandy beaches. The assessment evaluated seasonal variations in beach configuration and overall performance. A coastal engineering wave analysis was performed to understand the general and seasonal variations in the wave climate that affect sediment transport in the nearshore area, thus making it an important factor in the beach performance. To verify the field observations and analysis, historic data and photos were evaluated.

Based on the field assessment and wave analysis, recommendations for beach enhancement and stabilization were prepared. Petit St. Vincent is a natural and unspoiled island, and the recommended designs followed these characteristics. Potential sand sources were located for the beach enhancement system. Additionally, beach nourishment equipment and contractors were further evaluated. A coastal engineering report was prepared along with a beach monitoring program recommending future performance evaluation.

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