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Sotogrande, Dominican Republic

Sotogrande at Cap Cana is an exclusive private residential development over approximately 25 hectares of property within the Cap Cana resort. The master plan envisioned a beach along approximately 300 meters of limestone (ironshore) shoreline. Coastal Systems conducted a comprehensive coastal engineering study to evaluate waves, winds, water levels and sediment transport in the area to design an inland, protected beach system. Historical hurricane tracks along with wind/wave statistics were compiled, and a wave propagation study was conducted utilizing the DHI MIKE-21 SW numerical model to determine design wave conditions for normal conditions at the Project shoreline. The effects of extreme wave conditions from hurricanes and other coastal storm events were also evaluated with the propagation study.

The interior beach was designed as a “pocket” beach that
created a beach where complex coastal processes along a
rocky shoreline would prevent the creation of traditional
beach shoreline. The pocket beach was created by cutting
through the limestone shoreline at strategic areas with
specific dimensions, horizontal and vertical, to allow
sufficient wave energy into the newly created lagoons.
Breakwaters were created by sculpting the ironshore to
provide a natural, aesthetically pleasing cut rock inner
shoreline. Lagoons were excavated interior of the shoreline to optimize the pocket beach area and design slopes for the beach. Cut areas for swimming were designed, and the “sills” cut into the ironshore allowed sufficient wave energy inside the pocket beaches to maintain the littoral zone and to maintain sufficient water quality. The cuts in the ironshore were designed to optimize the amount of wave energy entering the lagoon.

Coastal Systems worked closely with the upland architects
to design the beach as coordinated with the upland site plan and associated residential development. Construction plans were prepared, and Coastal Systems provided construction administration services throughout construction.

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