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Hard Rock Riviera Maya, Mexico

he Hard Rock Riviera Maya is an all inclusive resort located directly on the beach south of Cancun, Mexico. Beach improvements are planned to provide appropriate pocket beaches and other lagoon improvements to improve/enhance the beach experience within the lagoons. A coastal engineering investigation was conducted to evaluate the existing conditions, model the coastal processes, and design stable beaches within the lagoon. These improvements will optimize the beach experience based on the master planning conducted.

Coastal Systems conducted a site assessment and assessed the approximately 850 linear meters of lagoon system constructed within a limestone shoreline. Coastal Systems prepared a coastal engineering analysis to evaluate coastal processes to assist the site planning team led by AECOM with the proposed coastal development that included facility upgrades for the Hard Rock Resort.

Coastal Systems performed field investigations to collect
data required as boundary conditions for the numerical
modeling. Rectified aerial photography was obtained to
facilitate the shoreline planning. The MIKE-21 Spectral
Wave (SW) numerical wave model was utilized to conduct
wave propagation simulations to evaluate the effects of
wave propagation from offshore to onshore. The wave
conditions within the lagoon were simulated to facilitate
pocket beach stabilization.

Designs were prepared of enhanced “pocket” beaches to
restore the littoral zone and to improve water quality. The
beach design was coordinated closely with the upland
design team.

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