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Singer Island, Florida

Coastal Systems International, Inc. conducted a study of shoreline morphology in the vicinity of Singer Island. The predicted shoreline associated with previously proposed shoreline stabilization structures along Singer Island was reconfirmed using the Danish Hydraulic Institute’s (DHI) LITPACK and MIKE 21 numerical models. The model was calibrated against past shoreline trends in the region, and was applied to evaluate alternatives for shoreline stabilization.

The numerical modeling software was uniquely customized to simulate the outcropping of hard-bottom along the shoreline. Past efforts to study the area had concluded that hard-bottom ridges had a strong influence with shoreline behavior in the region. Coastal Systems collaborated with DHI both remotely and in-house to enhance the software to model this condition unique to Florida’s Atlantic coast. A coastal engineering report was prepaired with the modeling results and recomendadtions.

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