Complete Utility Systems

CSD is capable of managing all aspects of utility construction, including water and sewer distribution, telephone and electric cables, gas/diesel distribution, and back-of-house facilities (including wastewater treatment, reverse-osmosis desalination plants, incineration units, telecommunication satellite linkages, fuel storage, and other facilities. As underground utilities installations have become more complex and critical, CSD utilizes the latest technologies to ensure our systems are competitively priced and constructed with durability in mind. Our services include:

  • Master planning and design
  • Permitting and regulatory
  • Materials acquisition and shipping
  • Site Preparation (clearing, grading, excavation, trenching and blasting)
  • Water distribution
  • Water storage
  • Water purification and reverse osmosis
  • Sewage collection
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Reclaimed irrigation systems
  • Electrical distribution
  • Electrical generation systems
  • Telecommunications distribution
  • Telecommunications satellite systems


High-Tech Grid

We utilize the latest technology in our systems installations and deliver fully independent and functional utility programs.