Broward County Artificial Reefs

The project consisted of placing 66,000 tons of limerock boulders utilizing a crane barge outfitted with precise positioning equipment (DGPS) to avoid impacts to the nearby living coral reef. We procured the bid by sourcing the boulders from Freeport in the Bahamas rather than using a Florida quarry—thus providing a cost effective solution for our client. The boulders were transported from Freeport using oceangoing barges. A crane barge was anchored in 15 - 20 feet of water approximately 500 feet off of the beach, with each boulder placed offshore in an exact GPS position to avoid the living reefs nearby.

We provided an engineered approach to offshore construction with the following services:

  • Coastal engineering wave statistical analysis to determine optimum construction schedule for favorable weather conditions.
  • Marine resource surveys to map hard-bottom limits utilizing towed underwater video.
  • Preparation of construction plans with reef mapping data and LADS data to modify environmental permits and use during construction operations.
  • Design/layout of pile anchor system for crane barge with supply barge in nearshore zone, adjacent to reefs.
  • Design of 4-point mooring system for crane barge.
  • Design of barge loading ramps at quarry site.
  • Crane and barge marine positioning using DGPS.
  • Vessel tracking system.
  • Site engineering support.
  • Web-based project management.
  • As-built hydrographic surveys.
  • Construction management and automated quality control.