CocoCay, Bahamas

We were responsible for all aspects of the destination development project, including the following key components:

  • Major earthworks: grading, roads and utility trenching.
  • Back of house structures: layout of prefabricated steel buildings for the utilities and associated foundation.
  • Sewage collection and treatment: lift stations and associated underground piping to package wastewater treatment plants with outfall and "grey" water handling.
  • Electrical power generation and distribution: diesel generation system with switchgear and distribution with associated transformers.
  • Water treatment and distribution: groundwater intakes and reverse osmosis water treatment plants with associated storage, pumps, and distribution system.
  • Reclaimed water: toilets and irrigation.
  • Solid waste handling.
  • Incineration: Incinerator unit and building.
  • Fuel handling and storage: offshore mooring buoy for tankers and above-ground fuel storage tanks for gas and diesel fuel.
  • Fuel distribution: double wall containment storage tanks and flexible underground piping.