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Coastal Zone Management Studies

The coastal zone, a thin area between land and sea, is a dynamic environment with unique biological, ecological, and geologic features. Coastal zone elements provide protection, aesthetics, and recreation for residents and visitors translating into significant economic and socio-cultural value. At Coastal Systems International, Inc., we understand that restoration, maintenance, and enhancement of delicate coastal resources require comprehensive planning and management. We assist our clients in creating integrated coastal zone management plans that can be implemented from a single property to an entire nation.

The coastal zone is constantly being re-shaped by natural processes and human influences. People and property in a coastal area are susceptible to hurricanes and other hazardous events. We customize our coastal zone planning and management approach for each project to address critical issues, such as:

  • Shoreline Erosion or Accretion
  • Coastal Construction Standards
  • Geological/Ecological/Biological Resources
  • Recreational Access and Value
  • Socio-cultural/Socio-economic Resources
  • Coastal Reinforcement
  • Coastal Hazard Mitigation
  • Water Quantity & Quality
  • Coastal Land Acquisition
  • Regional Character and IdentityRegional Character and Identity
Our integrated team of coastal surveyors, biologists, geologists, engineers, and planners document existing resources using the latest technology and analytical techniques. Our project managers then work closely with our clients to document resource values, priorities, and goals for coastal zone sustainability. Some examples of effective coastal zone management techniques include the implementation of:

  • Zoning Regulations
  • Aesthetic Guidelines
  • Land Protection Programs
  • Carrying Capacity Limitations
  • Setbacks
Coastal Systems International's 16 years of experience in all aspects of coastal planning and development has provided our team with unsurpassed creativity, insight, and tools to apply to any coastal zone management challenge.