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Environmental Impact Assessment

Coastal Systems International, Inc. has extensive experience in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for development projects throughout the Caribbean region. Our multidisciplinary approach to EIA preparation includes the participation of engineers, biologists, geologists, surveyors, economists, environmental and social scientists, and other professionals in the preparation of comprehensive impact assessments. We use innovative planning technologies to provide cost-effective mitigation solutions for the offset of project impacts.

EIA preparation typically entails a thorough review of baseline physical and environmental conditions, including geography, geology, coastal processes (wind, wave, storm susceptibility, storm surge, etc), hydrogeology, and terrestrial and marine ecosystems. The project proposal is presented in conceptual format, and impacts are estimated based upon the project footprint superimposed over baseline site conditions. Our EIA documents regularly include comprehensive construction methodology recommendations and environmental management plans – to assist and guide construction personnel in project implementation. EIAs may also include detailed social and economic analysis, based upon the extent of anticipated project impacts on local communities.

Throughout the EIA process, Coastal Systems’ staff routinely provides our clients with design recommendations to ensure that their projects meet environmental standards and maximize opportunities for development. We help our clients secure their final environmental approvals by interacting directly with national and local governments, affected local populations, and other stakeholders to address their concerns during the review process.

North Andros, Bahamas
Crab Cay Development, Exuma, Bahamas
Bimini Harbour Yacht Club, Bahamas