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Natural Resource / Habitat Surveys
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Natural Resources / Habitat Surveys
Natural Resource/Habitat Surveys

Coastal Systems International, Inc. plans and implements surveys of natural resources on land and sea, for private and public clients. Projects that typically require these services include coastal and island resort developments, ports, marinas, beach nourishment and shoreline stabilization, government resource management programs, and eco-tourism development. We use the latest technology and can meet the quality standards required for both domestic and international projects.

Literature and data reviews are typically conducted at the outset of a project to efficiently plan field surveys and to create a comprehensive database. We survey natural resources qualitatively and quantitatively, from species-specific to entire ecosystem evaluations. Organisms can be accurately and efficiently located using rectified aerial photography, remote sensing, traditional surveying, and GPS (see "Surveying Services"). Habitats can be characterized and categorized based on physical features, geography, the presence of contaminants, and other data to determine the key features required in order to maintain or restore the natural resources they support.

Our specialties include mapping of protected coastal and marine plants and wildlife, surveying in remote locations, and spatial/temporal analysis of resources (evaluation of changes over time). Data can be analyzed and presented in a number of formats, including modeling to provide integrated resource management options and GIS.

Data collected and analyzed can be applied, for example, to land, water, and natural areas management initiatives, plans for ecologically sustainable development, and environmental impact assessments (see "Environmental Impact Assessment"). Our ability to understand the big-picture strategy of our clients enables us to deliver a product that fulfills the targeted project needs.

Big Ambergris Cay, Turks & Caicos
North Andros, Bahamas
Munyon Island, Florida
Ocean Marine Yacht Club, Florida