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Water Quality Management

The analysis of baseline water quality and the development of control measures to prevent violation of water quality standards is typically required for construction in or adjacent to surface waters. Federal, state, and county codes establish maximum contaminant levels for waters based upon their intended use. All waters must provide for aquatic life conservation and human health protection. Using our comprehensive regulatory and technical knowledge, Coastal Systems International, Inc. develops site-specific baseline testing and monitoring plans in coordination with the jurisdictional agencies, evaluates and negotiates permit conditions, and designs and assists in the implementation of water pollution control plans.

Turbidity Management: For projects involving construction within, or discharge to, surface waters, Coastal Systems designs turbidity monitoring and management plans to fulfill agency requirements. Our experience includes projects in sensitive environments such as the Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Similarly, we have assisted in the development of turbidity monitoring for dredge/fill projects in areas inhabited by threatened or endangered species. As part of our Environmental Impact Assessments for international island development projects, we conduct comprehensive water quality evaluations for purposes of freshwater supply and environmental conservation.

Dewatering: Dewatering activities for urban coastal construction may present a regulatory challenge due to the high groundwater table in Florida and potential existence of contaminated soils or water. We use the best available databases and scientific tools to assist our clients in securing water use permits.