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Hillsboro/Deerfield Beach, Florida

Coastal Systems is currently processing a Joint Coastal Permit (JCP) application with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Army Corps of Engineers for a renourishment project proposing to place approximately 375,000 cubic yards of beach compatible sand on 7,175 linear feet of beach in the northern mile of Hillsboro Beach and southern Deerfield Beach. The permit process has included redesigning the fill template to avoid impacts to nearshore hardbottom, modeling the Equilibrium Toe of Fill (ETOF) and its relationship to nearshore hardbottom using the DHI MIKE-21 model suite, updating the geotechnical evaluation of Broward County's Borrow Area 1 (BA 1) with assistance from a subcontractor and preparing a Biological Evaluation for federally listed threatened and endangered species including recently listed species of coral, Acropora cervicornis and Acropora palmata as well as swimming sea turtles that use the nearshore hardbottom as habitat.

Coastal Systems has conducted hardbottom diver surveys on nearshore and offshore reefs, including a survey for the recently listed coral species. Coastal Systems is in the final stages of working through potential impacts of the ETOF and use of BA 1 on adjacent hardbottom.

Coastal Systems also permitted a truck haul project at the northern end of the Town using an in Town project of opportunity sand source to stabilize an erosion hot spot with construction in June 2008. This project involved special precautions to protect nesting sea turtles since it was constructed in the nesting season.

Coastal Systems provided coastal engineering, permitting, and environmental services for the design and construction of the Hillsboro Beach/Deerfield Beach Nourishment Project in 1997. The project extended along 6,120 feet of chronically eroding shoreline and placed approximately 500,000 cubic yards of sand along 1 mile of Hillsboro Beach and 55,000 cubic yards of sand along southern Deerfield Beach. Coastal Systems also prepared the "Long Range Beach Renourishment Plan for Hillsboro Beach" in 1997.

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