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Harbour Isle Development, Florida

Coastal Systems International Inc. designed and developed a plan for a marina as part of the Harbour Isle residential development on Causeway Island. A 63-slip marina is to be located in a dredged harbor basin with a flushing culvert. Coastal Systems has conducted hydrographic and marine resource surveys of project shoreline for use in analyzing potential environmental impacts and development of project alternatives with minimization and mitigation of impacts. The hydrographic work extended into Indian River and Fort Pierce to provide sufficient data required for the design of the proposed basin entrance and flushing culverts.

Coastal Systems secured environmental permits from the U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) for the marina and associated seagrass and wetland mitigation projects.

Coastal Systems, in coordination with sub-consultants, designed the seagrass and wetland mitigation projects, which include:

  • Filling of a 1.6 acre dredge hole to mitigate for
    approximately 0.4 acre of seagrass impact caused by channel dredge activity. Restoration includes
    transplanting seagrass from the proposed impact
    areas and additional donor sites to the filled
    dredge hole.
  • Onsite creation of 3.4 acres of saltwater marsh habitat to mitigate the removal of 4.6 acres of
    freshwater wetlands. Additional compensation will
    be provided by onsite exotic vegetation removal
    and establishment of protective buffers between
    the upland development and wetlands.
  • Construction of the marina, upland development
    and mitigation areas were designed specifically to minimize impacts to natural resources.
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