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One Miami, Florida

Coastal Systems International, Inc. provided coastal engineering and environmental permitting consulting services to secure a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) for the One Miami Condominium Development in Downtown Miami. The CLOMR allowed the developer to adjust the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) flood zone from a VE designation to an AE designation, maintaining a 30-feet wide VE buffer zone adjacent to the seawall, thereby saving considerable construction costs and future insurance rates for the condominium development. The analysis included an above/below water evaluation of the existing steel sheet pile seawall to evaluate the potential for the wall to withstand the FEMA coastal storm event. Wave forces were calcu

lated to evaluate the structural stability of the wall utilizing the FEMA WHAFIS Model. In addition, a free of obstruction analysis was performed to verify that proposed improvements did not adversely impact the site and neighboring properties/structures.

Coastal Systems designed and permitted, through multiple environmental agencies, an underwater toe scour apron system to stabilize the toe of the seawall during coastal storms. The toe scour protection uses an articulated concrete mat that is held in place by concrete piles. The piles insure that the concrete mats will not migrate into the nearby Corps of Engineers Navigational Channel. Construction of the toe scour protection system was completed in 2004. Coastal Systems also designed concrete cap repairs to improve aesthetics for the seawall.

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