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Miami Beach Waterways, Florida

oastal Systems conducted reconnaissance-level
hydrographic surveys of canals and waterways
within Miami Beach to assess shallow areas that
affect navigation and/or drainage.
The survey operations included the deployment of a
shallow-draft “Zodiac” as the hydrographic survey vessel.
An automated hydrographic survey system consisting of
DGPS for horizontal positioning and a survey echo sounder
for depth measurements was operated from the small vessel.
Continuous transects were run throughout the City
waterways and canals with soundings along the centerline
and sides of the shoreline. The data was processed with tide corrections and plotted on rectified aerial photographs. The City provided information on stormwater outfalls that was included in the survey base maps.
Criteria for maintenance dredging was established working
with the City for both navigation and drainage purposes.
Sixteen areas were identified for maintenance dredging, and quantities of dredging were estimated. Thirteen of the
dredging areas were proposed for navigation improvements, and three were proposed for drainage improvements. A comprehensive engineering report was prepared with maintenance dredging priority areas along with the survey maps and plots of dredging areas.

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