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Facilities Assessment
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Facilities Assessment

The waterfront engineering team at Coastal Systems International, Inc. has extensive experience evaluating existing marine structures, including piers, wharves, bulkheads, marinas, and coastal structures such as breakwaters and seawalls. Above and below water investigations are conducted by engineer-divers to assess the structural condition of a typical facility. All types of materials, including timber, concrete, steel and composite materials, have been evaluated on past projects. Above/below water photographic and videographic documentation are routinely provided. Additional services include land/hydrographic surveying, materials testing, and non-destructive testing.

The waterfront team has a keen understanding of the deterioration of construction materials in the marine environment. This experience allows the team to make rehabilitation recommendations in terms of the remaining service life of the structure for the most cost-effective approach, thus avoiding costly and unnecessary repairs. Options can be prepared for the facility owner to make the appropriate business decision on whether to fix or replace a facility. In some cases, the “do-nothing” approach may be the best approach for the economic life of a facility. A structural analysis of the existing facility to determine the safe loading capacity based on the observed conditions can also be provided.

The waterfront engineering team can also provide rehabilitation/replacement design, environmental assessment/permit processing, and construction administration services for a complete start-to-finish waterfront project.

Diplomat Marina, Florida
Miamarina Intracoastal Bulkhead, Florida
Village of Indian Creek, Florida
Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina